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For the first time ever, Petals and Plates is going outdoors! Come and join us for a wonderful evening of dining in open summer air, surrounded by a field of stunning Dahlias in bloom! After an expertly prepared, locally-sourced meal by our executive chef, finish the night off by enjoying dessert and lively conversation under the stars! What could be more perfect?

Date & Time: August 25, 2018 – 5PM to 9:30PM

Location: Creekside Growers, 692 Windham Road 11 RR2, Delhi, Ontario, N4B 2W5

Suggested Dress Code: There is no strict dress code, but guests are invited to dress “casual dressy”. This event is being held at the end of August and it is a fully outdoor event. Therefore, bringing a sweater or jacket may be a good idea as temperatures can drop after sunset. Comfortable walking shoes are also recommended. Each dinner includes a walking tour of the greenhouse or flower field that involves about 10-20 minutes of slow paced walking. Since this particular dinner is outdoors in a flower field, high heels are not advised!

Creekside Growers:
When Creekside Growers began in 2009, Nick and Hilary VanderHeide never dreamed they would be standing in a 10+ acre field full of dahlia blooms. Creekside Growers began humbly, with the small scale production of peonies. But the desire to make farming a full time endeavor led them to trial many different varieties of cut flowers “Dahlias just fit so well with our production time” says Nick, a suburbia boy turned farmer with the purchase of a 5 acre hobby farm.

Creekside has grown steadily every year and now produces a large number of the cut dahlias grown in Ontario. Along with cut dahlias and peonies, the farm sells dahlia tubers across Canada direct to the consumer for home planting and provides tubers to other growers looking to expand their production.

The farm started on that small 5 acre hobby farm in Norfolk County and in the spring of 2017 Nick and Hilary found themselves moving the whole farm to a new location in Norfolk County just outside Delhi. That move allowed Creekside the opportunity to continue to expand production to meet the demand. Dahlias are not a simple crop to produce, but the VanderHeides have done an excellent job marketing a product that many once thought useless as a cut flower.

The transition of the peony crop is still underway, since it is a perennial that takes years to establish the move is taking place in stages so production doesn’t come to a complete halt. For 2018 and 2019, the peonies will be slowly moved off the old field and re-established at the new location. Nick estimates that once that transition is over there will be approximately 5 acres of peonies in production with the rest of the field filled with dahlias.

“It’s a glorious view out our back window” Nick says about the rows upon rows of dahlias and peonies. “It’s a lot better than staring at corn.” The Petals and Plates dinner will be held in that field, under the stars, and surrounded by dahlia blooms.

The Petals & Plates Experience:

  • A “Cocktail and Appetizer Hour” where guests will be invited to mingle, sample appetizers, and participate in the various stations that have been set up, including:
    • A “Flower Crown and Boutonniere Bar” where guests are taught how to create their very own floral creation
    • Live musicians
    • The opportunity to interact with the nights featured florist
    • And much more!
  • A tour of the Greenhouse. The hosts of the evening will lead a guided tour of the facilities.  This will be a great opportunity to learn about the industry, flowers in general, and listen to engaging and amazing stories!  This will also be the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have!  But please, keep in mind that this is a commercial farm, so please always follow the instruction of the tour guides as there are some areas that visitors are not allowed to walk through or touch.
  • A gourmet multi-course artisan meal hand crafted by Executive Chef Jan-Willem Stulp, combining floral inspired recipes with locally sourced ingredients to create a feast for your taste buds while the picturesque surroundings, a rustic themed setting in the middle of an in bloom flower farm, will create a feast for your other senses.
  • Local craft wine and beer available for purchase. (the only cost not included in the ticket price for this event is the cash bar).

The Weather: The one thing we cannot control (at least not yet) is the weather. Therefore, Petals and Plates reserves the right to respond accordingly to predicted bad weather. These responses could range from moving the event under a tent, to moving the event indoors, or potentially even cancelling the event (and of course providing a full refund to ticket purchasers). That being said, we hope the weather will be favourable and let us hold this magnificent event!

Guests are invited to arrive at the venue at 4PM. Once on the property, please watch for "Petals & Plates" signs that will guide you to the correct area. As soon as you arrive at the venue, you are invited to join the Cocktail and Appetizer hour.
The Cocktail & Appetizer hour will feature appetizers, a cash bar, live music, and various "stations" where guests will be invited to participate in various activities from floral design to sampling stations. During this time, smaller groups will embark on a tour through the farm, guided by one of the owners, where you will learn the history of the farm, the flower industry as a whole, and where you will gain a new appreciation for local flowers.
Executive Chef Jan-Willem Stulp has crafted a gourmet artisan meal, combining floral inspired recipes with locally sourced ingredients, to create a feast for your taste buds while the picturesque surroundings, a rustic themed setting in the middle of an in bloom flower farm, will create a feast for your other senses.
Petals and Plates Outdoors - Creekside Growers
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Saturday August 25, 2018
Arrival Time: 5PM
Estimated Event Completion Time: 9:30PM

Creekside Growers
692 Windham Road 11 RR2
Delhi, Ontario
N4B 2W5

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